1. Aortic Valve and Interventions

    a. Age-dependent, specie-dependent material properties.
         i. Aortic Sinus and Ascending Aorta, between aged human and porcine models (Publication).
         ii. Aortic Leaflets, between porcine, ovine and aged human (Publication).
         iii. Aortic root pressure-inflation relationship (Poster).
   b. Structural Analysis
         i. Simulated transcatheter valve deployment in human aortic root (Publication).

           ii. Simulated Valve-in-valve deployment to mimic transcatheter valve under-expansion.
   c. Hemodynamic Analysis
         i. Hemolysis of bioprosthetic aortic valve (Publication).
         ii. Simulated hemodynamics of transcatheter valve deployment in human aortic root (Publication).
         iii. Simulated paravalvular leakage following transcatheter valve deployment.

2. Mitral Valve and Interventions

   a. Mitral leaflet properties of aged human tissue
         i. Biaxial mechanical properties.
   b. Coronary sinus material properties
         i. Pressure-inflation relationship (
         ii. Biaxial properties between porcine, ovine and aged human (
   c. Structural analysis
         i. Tissue-device interaction in Percutaneous transvenous mitral annuloplasty (PTMA) .
         ii. Mitral valve deformation (Poster).


         iii. PTMA experimental investigation (Abstract).

3. Transcatheter Valve Design
   a. Modeling of transcatheter Aortic Valve (
   b. Modeling of TAVI deployment into Calcified Aortic Root (

4. Biomechanical Analysis of Ascending Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm (ATAA)
    a. Experimental investigation of ATAA between BAV, TAV and BAA patients (Publication).
    b. Predictive modeling of ATAA rupture potential. (Publication)

5. Left Ventricle Dynamics
    a. Modeling of left ventricle hemodynamics.

    b. Modeling of left ventricle muscle active contraction.

6. Modeling of Collagen Tissue Fatigue Damage
    a. Modeling of uniaxial fatigue damage with stress softening and permanent set (Publication).
    b. Modeling of valve fatigue damage. (Publication in-press)